Hosting Services

Dedicated Servers

Need your own server? ithought can manage everything for you, starting at $75/month for a dedicated server.

Shared Hosting

Starting at $250/year, ithought's shared hosting package covers just about everything you would want to do on a PHP/MySQL server The following is all included:

  • Apache 2 virtual hosts for one domain and its subdomains, including SSL certificates.
  • MySQL 8 databases.
  • SFTP and SSH access to your sites
  • Remote monitoring of the system your website runs on from another datacenter
  • Domain name purchasing and management including DNS (One domain name is included with Standard Hosting)
  • Assistance configuring e-mail hosting for your site.

Assuming your usage of these services doesn't cost ithought more than $250/year to provide, that is all you'll have to pay. This generally means several Gigabytes of disk and several Gigabytes of disk transfer per month. All we'll need you to do is point the authortative nameservers for your domain to ones ithought gives you (or you can give us a username/password to log into your registrar) and ithought will take care of the rest.


Some things cost a little bit extra, here is a partial list:

  • Domain name registration and DNS Hosting: $35/year (first domain is free)
  • Dedicated IP address: $25/year
  • Large Disk/Bandwidth/CPU usage: whatever they cost ithought.
  • Phone Support: No phone support is provided for any of the hosting plans above. Each Support incident is $100 for the first hour rounded up to the hour, and $100/hour for additional hours rounded up to the next 30-min interval.
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